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Barstool Ballads

Running Toward Fire: Following the Warrior Path

Running Toward Fire: Following the Warrior Path

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About the book

When crisis and catastrophe are at the door, some people flee from peril and others run straight into the line of fire. Nate Boaz’s gripping memoir, Running Toward Fire, chronicles a journey of profound courage, sacrifice, and self-discovery. From a young boy inspired by his war-hero grandfathers to a Marine leading human intelligence operations in combat, Boaz’s narrative is as riveting as it is deeply introspective.

Reflecting on intense memories of service and war, Nate grapples with the enigmatic beauty of combat, the weight of duty, and a deep but forgotten longing for camaraderie. Growing up in the shadows of heroes, Nate’s path was shaped early on by family tales of valor and service. But it’s his personal experiences—from the polished floors of the Naval Academy to the deadly streets of Baghdad—that form the crux of his story.

Throughout the memoir, Nate examines the anarchy of war, the nuances of leadership, and the cost of service. Whether he’s recounting harrowing battles, the emotional rescue of American POWs, or the quiet introspection that follows, Boaz captures the essence of a warrior’s heart.

Yet the book is more than just a war memoir—it’s a clarion call for understanding and supporting the heroes among us; the very men and women who, when others sheltered, and all was lost, picked up a rifle and ran toward the sounds of chaos.

If you have wondered what drives a person to seek danger or serve something bigger than themselves, Running Toward Fire is an inspirational testament to what created the heroes around you today, and how you can carry part of the load.

Our Affiliation with Patrol Base Abbate:

Nate Boaz, the Co-Founder of Barstool Ballads, and the author of Running Toward Fire, is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Patrol Base Abbate.  Suffice to say, he has a big heart for this organization. We encourage you to check out the Patrol Base Abbate Website to see what it's all about.  

All profit from Running Toward Fire is donated to Patrol Base Abbate.

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Patrol Base Abbate EIN: 85-3462594

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