Nate Boaz's Powerful Memoir

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All profit from sales of Running Toward Fire goes to the incredible non-profit Patrol Base Abbate.


Not Just a Memoir...

Nate Boaz's memoir, Running Toward Fire, is a captivating exploration of courage, service, and self-discovery.

From his upbringing, inspired by war-hero grandfathers, to his experiences as a Marine in Baghdad, Boaz delves deep into the warrior's psyche, the chaos of combat, and the profound longing for camaraderie.


About Us

No shit, there I was...

Barstool Ballads is a publishing platform for war stories, sea stories, and absurd peacetime stories, told by the veterans who lived them.

We were founded in 2022 by two USMC combat veterans and friends, who both write their own "stranger than fiction" military stories.

Our name is a salute to Rudyard Kipling’s Barrack-Room Ballads—a series of songs and poems about the British Army, mostly written in the soldiers' vernacular. One of our favorites is "Tommy."

If we select your story for publication, our network of experienced writers and editors will work closely with you to craft your tale into a compelling narrative.

If you have a story you've been dying to tell, we want to help you tell it... before you die! Apologies for being so direct, but... we're Marines.

The Barstool Ballads motto is Non omnis moriar—"Not all of me shall die"— a quote from Horace. He believed that, through his writing, a part of him could achieve a form of immortality. We love this.

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Nate Boaz

Vice President, People Strategy, Microsoft

Chairman, Board of Directors, Patrol Base Abbate


Senior MD & COO, Accenture Strategy

Partner, McKinsey & Company

MBA, Harvard Business School

BS, Political Science, U.S. Naval Academy

Iraq War Combat Veteran; OEF in Kuwait

Counterintelligence / HUMINT Officer




Ryan M. Connolly

Publisher & President, Barbary Tavern Publishing

Publishing MA program, Western Colorado U


CEO, SuperSight Media, Inc.

Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

MFA, Film & TV Production, USC

MA, Linguistics, Georgetown University

MA, National Security Affairs, Naval Postgrad School

BS, Political Science, U.S. Naval Academy

USMC China Foreign Area Officer

USMC Civil Affairs Officer

Iraq War Veteran